Our Closet Clear-out Success!




On June 3rd, we finally opened up our Bushwick loft to the public and invited everyone and anyone to our mega closet clear out. We both had so much SHIT, (but the good shit) to give away to a new loving owner who will wear the clothes thin as much as we did... or didn't. 

Saying good bye to some of our most loved items wasn't easy, but the individuals who went out of their way to have a peak at what we had to offer was really heartwarming and meant a lot to us and made the goodbyes so much easier. 

Thank you to all of the NY & NJ babes (Shoutout to Noelle, Samantha and their rockin' mums) who came and walked away with our precious items...Well I guess, now they are your precious items! We were really thrilled with the turn out and we still have SO MUCH left so we look forward to throwing another loft sale and of course uploading everything else on our depop next week so that you Aussies especially can score anything you fancy. 

Once again, THANK YOU for coming and showing us love. We sincerely appreciate it.