The Rookie: My First NYFW Experience

Ditching my audition technique class last Wednesday for a no-brainer for me. I was lucky enough to score the chance to photograph at NYFW. I know, I know... To all you pro photographers out there, this is probably real cute to read about, but to me, being a massive rookie, this was exciting. It all happened by chance - My room mate, Mia's friend back in England's brother, Jack is a photographer and needed someone to take his spot at Irina Vitjaz's show and take photographs. He asked Mia and Mia asked me. Connections.

I arrived as expected, freezing and sweaty from running down the block because I was at the wrong entrance. My hair was beautifully "wind swept" from the intense lower East side hurricanes and my shoe laces were undone. Elegant.

I walked backstage, pulled my canon AE-1 over my neck, cocked it and started taking photos. The atmosphere was electric and I couldn't stop smiling. I felt really in my element. I stopped and imagined myself sitting in audition technique class and laughed. I'm totally at the wrong school.

"Wow, is that a film camera? You must be good. We can take a 100 photos and choose 5, you need to photograph wisely" said a man carrying his huge Nikon and light.

"Ha...ha... No I just don't own one of those!" I replied and walked away before he could quiz me on something that I really didn't have a good answer to.

Another guy with a huge camera asked me "Do you always shoot shows with film?"

I replied, "Uh haha... Yeah." because this was a better answer than the truth, "No I have never done this before. I am a noob. Please don't quiz me on photographer things because I don't know the answer."

I made my way down the end of the runway to the photographer pit. I found a really good spot on the ground at the front with perfect view of the runway. Wow... I thought as I looked around, I scored the best seat in the house. You snooze you lose! and it wasn't until the show started that I realised I had the best seat in the house for looking at the models make their way back down the runway... backs turned away from me. It was only then, that I realised why everyone was on the opposite side of the pit to me. Lesson learnt: Follow the crowd. I sat there on the ground in my socks and docs and listened to the satisfying click of my film camera in between the chaos of 100 thousand dollar clicks, but I felt confident and happy. Really happy. But hot. Really hot.

It was a pretty rad experience for me being an absolute rookie. Here are some of the photos:

Love Sophie