A Diary Entry in Paris.

2:11pm December Twenty-Seven.

I'm sitting on the edge of a river in Paris. It's probably pretty bad that I can't remember what river it is, but I'm sure it will come. Today has been a solo day with Yazz in bed, ill. I have walked a lot today and it's been really nice. I got a coffee and croissant this morning and visited Free P'Star Vintage and bought navy velvet pants for one euro and finally, a big, red, shaggy jacket for 30 euros.

I just kept walking straight after a right turn from our hotel, 1K, and after walking down the beautiful streets, I wound up here. This city is the most beautiful city that I've ever been to. I can't wait to visit here with someone I love. The weather is perfect and the sun is out. I'm wearing my new clothes comfortably. The smell of cigarettes and coffee linger in the streets and the people here are stunning and not afraid to dress nicely as well. This morning I finally wore my pink Gorman coat and rad new pink sunnies and a man snapped some shots of me just as I was tying my hair up. I want to take as many photos as I possibly can because I am honestly in love with this city! The architecture makes me feel all static inside and the music from the buskers on the street make me smile. It feels very simple here and simplicity is just what I've been searching for. 

I have been walking for hours and I could a while longer. Here I am, sitting on the edge of the river, writing and listening to the soft tone of a guitarist on the vehicle-lacking street. The water is kissing the edge of the walkway and the birds are floating along the river. Even the birds are elegant here. I never thought I'd be here in my life. 2016 is almost over but this place makes me hopeful for 2017. I'm in love with Paris. This is probably not what "romantic Sophie" truly needs right now - but... actually... I don't know. I think I'm actually flourishing. I'm going to Hugo's rooftop this afternoon to see another incredible view. A man just asked me for a lighter.