Top 20 things I've learnt while living in New York by Sara Burke

Today I leave New York City after having lived here for six months. It has been an incredibly defining experience that has taught me so much.

Here are the top twenty things I’ve learnt while living in New York:

1. Vulnerability is incredibly terrifying yet ridiculously freeing. When you live from a place of authenticity, life feels euphoric. 
2. An accepting and nonjudgemental space is one of the most beautiful things you can give another person…bring this with you to everyone you meet and you will be extremely adored. 
3. Stop doubting yourself, you’re okay—better than you sometimes give yourself credit for.
4. What you give to the world you get from it. When you say yes to life, life says yes to you; when you open up to people, people open up to you. 
5. Everything magical happens outside of the comfort zone. 
6. You can live a full and joyful life whilst simultaneously battling your insecurities. 
7. Friendships, like any other relationship, require effort. 
8. You—only you—need to make shit happen. 
9. To chase perfection is to chase an illusion. 
10. To live more freely, courageously and unapologetically, keep the certainty of death close to mind. 
11. Feeling seen and heard is a fundamental human need. 
12. Life is so liberating when you stop caring what others think. 
13. There’s nothing more transformative than being surrounded by really, really good people. 
14. The most beautiful moments in life are spontaneous, unexpected and unostentatious. They occur when two human beings are connected and fully present in the moment with one another. 
 15. A positive work culture is vital. 
16. Life is completely unpredictable; things happen when you’re least expecting them to and when you’re not operating from a place of attempted control. 
17. We all crave connection and intimacy. 
18. Meaningful human interactions are powerful.
19. Rarely do we meet someone romantically who we truly connect with. If you happen to find such a person, please hug, hold onto and treasure them.
20. Change is uncomfortable yet conducive to growth. It is also inevitable—to resist it is futile.