The Girls Next Door

...Literally, they are the very special girl friends who live next door to us. Introducing this talented threesome, Hlif, Charlotte & Sofia.







I love your record player! What's your Sunday artist of choice?

Charlotte: I'm very into Father John Misty recently.

Hlif: I've been obsessed with Tom Rosenthal. His lyrics and music videos are so beautiful.

Sofia: Hlif says I'm emo because all I listen to is Simon and Garfunkel and Angel Olsen and cry. 

What's one fact that people might not know about you guys?

Charlotte: I'm banned from Uber.

Hlif: I'm from Iceland and I speak Icelandic! and I was a psychic for a month.

What's one book that we should all run and buy right now?

Charlotte: I have a feeling Hlif is going to have the same answer but, Just Kids by Patti Smith. Such a vidid beautiful description of what it's like to be a young and in love artist in New York

Hlif: Just Kids by Patti Smith, especially if you're a young artist living in New York. I also always recommend New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and You're A Badass. 

Sofia: Yes Please! by Amy Poehler.

What's one underrated spot in New York?

Charlotte: The Reggio Cafe in the West Village was built in the 1920's. Bob Dylan, Elvis and Jack Kerouac all used to hang there and it looks like they haven't changed a thing. I feel like people don't necessarily know that about the Reggio, but you can feel how special it is when you walk in.

Hlif: El Cortez is so bomb. It's by the Morgan L stop and their tacos are incredible. 10/10

Do you have a favorite café in Brooklyn?

Charlotte: Forrest Point's atmosphere and food is bomb, definitely my go-to place.

Hlif: Kave Espresso is a hidden gem.

Sofia: I love Bakeri because they promote female empowerment and their bread is fine as hell.

Hlif, what is one of your future goals?

My goal is to move to New Zealand... take photos... become a lawyer...

Alright... Who runs the family?

Hlif: Sofia makes sure our electricity stays on, and I make sure the place is rat-free and Charlotte lives here too.

Sofia: Hlif & I are two very loving parents.

Charlotte: Hlif & Sofia are my two moms!

To conclude on a warm and fuzzy note, what is a favorite recent memory that you have together?

Charlotte: We threw an American themed party at our apartment when Hlif became a citizen, it was a better time in our country before shit hit the fan. 

Sofia: Dancing on the roof and having a picnic during the sunset. Bromance isn't dead.