The Art of Superconsciousness and Power of Manifestation

A few months ago I was on the train reading 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. Thoroughly immersed for 20 minutes, I was reading all about mindfulness and the pain body (being aware of emotional states and how they transcend into daily life). I remember thinking to myself, 'yep. I'm aware. In fact I'm so aware, I know all of this already. I transcend daily life. I am iconic.' As the train pulled up to my stop, I waltzed off, motivated and ready for the day to come.

I got about 20 metres before I realized I'D LEFT MY PHONE ON THE GODDAMN SEAT.

Yep. SO aware Yazz. 

Surprisingly calm, I kept walking on accepting the fact that the dreaded L train had swallowed my iPhone into it's deep, dark Brooklyn depths.

Something I learnt from this ironic set of events was that I was not aware of my consciousness and I wasn't practicing what I preach. It's so easy to say that you're mindful, yet you don't meditate of manifest. It's like a muscle that you gotta strengthen at the gym, ' YO skip leg day today, cause it's brain muscle day!!'..... I'm lame. Jokes aside, it's nearly always obvious to me who has a heightened sense of consciousness, they always radiate positive energy, light, kindness and they always get back as much good as they put out to the universe. They're those people that just always seem to have good karma, are humble, honest and very grounded. These traits in humans to me, tick off the box of someone who has a sense of 'Superconsciousness' - the ability to trust your intuition emotionally and physically.


having a heightened awareness of your surroundings, relationships, coincidences, signs, that pass through day to day and how they resonate to you emotionally. 

I've heard that you have 7 seconds before someone has already made a judgement on you. And if you're not thinking materialistically/physically about that person I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing , it's pretty obvious if you get a good vibe or a bad vibe from a human: follow that feel, it's your superconsciousness kicking in. It's also true with places & events. I've had so many experiences where I've had this gut feeling that I have to leave or else something or someone will spiral out of control, and I just don't need to be a witness. And I'm usually right. Usually for me they're those drunken nights where no one has a filter or a brain about them and that's prime time for mistakes happen...... (we've all been there), or it could be quite simply a situation where you feel completely drained of other people's negative words/actions. Not that that justifies in any way convincing others to feel the same way as you do, and being critical/judgmental about other people. It's all internal and strictly determined by your own experiences. 

On the much larger scale of life, you know all those plans you have to fulfill dreams, careers, and relationships? The one way I've figured out how to find power in my present superconsciousness and carry it into the future is.....drumroll....... yes, you guessed it, MANIFESTATION baby.


the actions that you take to work towards your higher purpose.

Over the past few months I've really come to believe that manifestation is modern day magic. There's been some really freaky stuff that I've wanted to happen for myself and my friends that did eventually come true. (Let me just clarify, it's not actual witchy magic or special powers (although...who knows.... it might be) ),  I've heard about 'The Secret' and I understand the Law of Attraction, and they're all well and good but I think you gotta find your own way to get you that new bike, that guy you drool over, that apartment in Brooklyn, or happiness in general. Some REAL LIFE examples of manifestation working for me were, meeting people I've always wanted to meet, traveling places I've always wanted to go, moving overseas!!! getting that job, and getting that guy. Cringe. 

Creating something personal for yourself, sticking to your morals and trusting your intuition will always lead you to what you believe in. I know that writing down my own personal guide contradicts this fact, but on the flipside, you could find an extra tool to add to your spiritual toolbox. 

My personal way of manifestation comes down to a few of these things:


Firstly, I write down my day. Then, how I felt today. What's the current situations I'm in? Where do I want to go from here? Career wise, health wise, relationship wise. What's my desires? What are the first images that flash to my mind for my future goals (people, places, objects, numbers)? Write EVERYTHING down that you see & feel, it might be helpful later on and keeps you in touch with your intuitive side. Also keep tabs on reoccurring signs in your daily life and friend's lives... When you look back and wrote down the name of the guy you saw your girlfriend with and it happens in real life, you think 'huh that's weird.' After a while, all these things you wrote down that keep coming true, you end up just saying 'Well, nothing's weird anymore'. 

Staying true to my word

Don't back down or regret anything you've ever said. If you do time after time, the opinions you have, the feelings you feel will become less valid, and you won't trust yourself or your instincts.

 Acting on your word

MOST IMPORTANT! No future manifestation's can be achieved if nothing is done in the present. Make shit happen for yourself. Book that plane ticket. Email that person. Write that script. Take that photo. Work for it. Coming here to NYC was one thing that I had to act upon, I had to wake up early and go to work every single day to save for it, and my manifestations eventually became a reality because I put in that effort. Actively being aware of what you're doing in the present will benefit your future.


NEGATIVITY BREEDS NEGATIVITY. It's so true it hurts. I live by it. If you have a negative mindset about your goals, and belittle yourself, it's a never ending cycle of small failures. If you don't believe in yourself, then who else can? Once you put out negative energy, you're only going to attract it. You have to consciously make the decision to change your mindset, do whatever it takes. Go for a walk, have a tea, turn off your phone, watch Broad City. (my latest addiction!!!!! I think I'm probably the last person I know to jump on the Broad City bandwagon). Try and find a bit of light, reconnect with your inner happiness, and then reflect that out.


LIFE HACK 101: For me, having a daily practice of meditation is something that strengthens intuition. It reconnects you to the simplicity of stillness and dims all the noise up there in that big old brain machine. I recently started with my friend Rochelle Fox's , meditation guide, Mindspo, which I highly recommend. I have anxious tendencies, and practicing with Mindspo helped to enjoy the present moment, and not to worry about self-exterior image. I do get caught up some days and not get to do it, and that just means me often closing my eyes on the subway, breathing and zeroing in on my internal life. Watching your brain go through its daily thoughts is crazy. You get to be a bystander to your brain for a second. Breathing deeply also relaxes and resets your body, you should try it some time, I often laugh at how less tense I am after a few simple breaths.

That's just a little taste of a few things that I do to awaken my senses. Let me tell you truly, the power of manifestation is something that can give you the ultimate freedom & power to control your destiny and the way you want to live your life, I know it has for me. It really has changed my whole definition of success. Manifestation gives you an outlet for your superconsciousness, and if you capitalize on it, it will transform you into an empathetic human presence, and love, light, positivity, power, passion, happiness, opportunities, will flow into your life from your wide heart, open mind and gifted soul. 

With Love,

Spiritual Doctor Yazz (for the day.)

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